Workshops at Fired Art Ceramic Studio

The Potters room and Kiln Room at Fired Art

Fired Art Ceramic Studio runs specialist ceramic workshops for all age groups.

Workshops enable you to learn different aspects of ceramic art including working with slip moulds, wet clay for making coil pots, thumb pots, plaques and jewellery. You will learn about the use of colour and the different types of glazes that can enhance your ceramics. You will also draw free hand or use transfer techniques to add designs to your ceramics.

These workshops run from 6 to 10 weeks on a once a week basis.

We also run specialist workshops, including:

  • Silver Clay Jewellery
  • Children's After School Clay Club
  • Adult Ceramic Evenings

For further information and costs please contact us either by Telephone: 01983 614455 or E-mail: Fired Art Ceramic Studio